8 Reasons People Love To Grill Out

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8 Reasons People Love To Grill Out

Since we all have indoor kitchens, it can strike one as a little funny, when you think about it, how many humans love to venture outside their perfectly conditioned interiors to BBQ their food in the thick of the summer heat. But there are lots of good reasons to grill out—some of them practical, some social, some of them even biological.Here are eight of Bart Fireside’s best reasons to fire up your barbecue tonight:

It turns food preparation and cooking into a social event. What if the heart of the home isn’t in the kitchen but rather in the outdoor kitchen? This appears to be the case, as dinner guests love spending time outdoors near the grill, where all the action and the delicious smells happen.

Food prepared on the grill is naturally fresher. You’re not going to have to worry much about being served processed foods—or even rich, creamy, calorie-laden stuff—hot off a barbecue. Instead grills seem to naturally encourage the cooking of fresh meats, fish, and vegetables.

Looking for outdoor fire pit ideas? We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t fire pits for fancy people with finished patios and intentional landscaping? Aren’t they insanely expensive? Yes, and no.

The materials involved aren’t exactly cheap (think cast iron, stone, concrete, et cetera), but with a little persistence, you can find affordable outdoor fire pits. Here, we’ve rounded up 35 of the best fire pits starting at just $50! You’ll find a wide range of styles: Some are proper steel basins, others are fire baskets, and others are more like fire pits for cooking. Some are modern fire pits, while others are rustic and charming. There’s a fire pit for every taste on this list.

Scroll through to find the one that’s right for you—and whatever you choose, do your research to make sure you set up a safe situation: You’ll want to set the fire pit on a nonflammable, non-grass surface, such as a wide stoop or brick patio, and potentially add a heat-resistant mat under it.

It makes use of all your of senses. The bases of smell, sight, sound, and of course taste are all covered when grilling.

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