All about fabrics: A buyers guide to home textiles

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Home Textile Fabrics make up such a big part of home décor, from sofas and chairs to headboards and bed linen to decorative items like cushions, throws and table runners. With Asian Paints launching three lines of furnishings, furniture and lighting – Ador, Nilaya and Royale – we delve deeper into common fabrics for the home, their uses along with styling and maintenance tips.



These fabrics are made from natural fibre and usually come from animal or plant-based sources. The following are the most common natural fabrics used in home décor.

  • Cotton: It is a versatile and extensively used fabric that is the most popular choice for home furnishings. Available in a variety of weights, Cotton Fabric can range from budget-friendly to luxurious. Cotton is durable and drapes well. It is easy to clean at home – some items being machine washable – as well as being resistant to fading and pilling. However, it does tend to wrinkle and stain easily.

  • Silk: A luxurious option, silk imparts a rich, opulent look to a space. It is best used in formal spaces or for areas that are used sparingly. The expensive fabric needs to be treated with kid gloves since it is not stain-resistant and the fibers weaken over time when exposed to sunlight or moisture.

  • Linen: It is soft, comfortable and fairly resistant to fading and pilling. Breathable and lightweight, it also naturally resists bacteria making it a good option for those with allergies. Available in a variety of textures, Linen Fabric is a wonderful way to add an earthy aesthetic and visual interest to the space. It wrinkles easily and can shrink considerably, so it is recommended to have your linen textiles professionally cleaned.

  • Leather and suede: An extremely durable option, high-quality leather holds up well against wear and tear as well as stains. It comes in various textures, grain finishes and colour options. With proper care, good leather will last a very long time. With age, the leather softens and develops its own unique character – just like an old pair of comfy jeans. Another type of leather, suede is softer with a velvety appearance. However, it stains easily and requires a lot of care.


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