E400s 2

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2,000 ج.م

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السعر: 2,000 ج.م

Home cinema device

Mini Projector Model E400s2


The device is 150 inches in size

Full HD quality

LED life is 30,000 hours

Brightness 2000 lumens



HDMI input

AV input

USB flash port

3.5 headphone jack

Supports Wi-Fi to operate mobiles and iPhones

It has high quality internal speakers

Contents of the box

1 e400s mini projector

1 hdmi cable

1 AV cable

1 power cable

1 remote control device


Imported from Amazon International


The price is 2000 pounds instead of 3000 pounds for display


Contact this number اضغط ليظهر الرقم.. 011232XX

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