Marine Propulsion Systems: More Than Moving Ships Through the Water

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For this, a gearbox is a very useful component that can be used to manipulate rotational torque transfer. It is attached to the Marine Propeller Shaft and reduces the power transmitted to the propeller.

The slow speed engines pose no problem to the transfer of torque and do not require an additional gearbox. The gearbox in the other speed engines is attached in between the intermediary and propeller shafts.


Our company produces a full range of standard and customized Marine Deck Equipment and winches. Available systems include horizontal and vertical windlasses, winches and winches for various applications. The available models can be constructed according to applicable commercial standards.


All of our Marine Crane designs have been specially developed and improved for operation in the marine environment. All structures have been designed to take up heavy lateral forces and to have a low value of elastic deflection under load. All parts have been designed and protected for easy maintenance.


Threats are posed by inputs of persistent pollutants (for example substances that are non-degradable or not readily degradable in water) and excessive nutrient inputs via rivers, as well as the widespread transport of pollutants via the atmosphere (see info: Environmental Status of European Seas). As a result, organic pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which were formerly used as insulation, hydraulic or cooling fluids, can be detected in remote polar regions. Other hazards to the marine environment are caused by shipping (for example illegal disposal of wastes, accidents, problems caused by antifouling paints) and inputs of oil and pollutants from the offshore oil and gas industry. Marine ecosystems are also endangered by overfishing and other negative effects of fishing on marine species and habitats. A further threat is that of climate change and entailing effects such as sea level rise and shifts and changes in flora and fauna of certain sea areas.

As pollution of and processes in the oceans do not stop at political borders, successful Marine Environmental Protection can only be achieved by means of intensive international cooperation at regional and global level.

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