What is a Mobile Laboratory?

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Mobile Laboratory, which scientists may move from location to location, is a self-sufficient laboratory. A mobile laboratory may process biological, chemical, or other data, depending on the equipment installed in it. Some mobile laboratories are mobile classrooms or teaching facilities. Often companies rent or lease mobile laboratories instead of owning one. Frequently, private laboratory and research companies use mobile laboratories to travel to the customer's location.

Most mobile laboratories are analytical laboratories that use field data to assess the environment for potential problems. For example, food safety scientists may park a mobile laboratory on or near farmland to test lettuce or other produce for biological toxins or poisonous pesticides. After disasters, such as hurricanes or floods, scientists and technicians use mobile laboratories to gather water, air, and other significant samples. Since the transportable laboratory is on site, they are able to identify health risks promptly. Many times first responders use mobile laboratories as decontamination centers.



One of the main reasons that scientists prefer to use mobile laboratories is that they can analyze critical data analysis faster than with traditional methods. Without a mobile Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory on site, specimens are gathered and then mailed or transported to a laboratory to be processed. The time lost in transportation can be crucial in decision making. In the case of a disaster, such as an unknown chemical spill, it can be catastrophic.

Mobile laboratories may be a truck or van, trailer or camper, or a full tractor-trailer combination. Marine biologists frequently use specially equipped ships as floating laboratories. Portable Physics Laboratory is self-contained with a generator for power; a full, self-contained water and plumbing system; and a heating or cooling system. Most of them have an air filtration system. Some mobile laboratories have airtight interiors for protection in pandemic situations.

Companies that design mobile laboratories build them to the customer's specifications. Options available may include specialized cabinetry for equipment, counter space for performing tests, and pullout sections to enlarge laboratory areas. Some companies offer modular facilities that are freestanding outside of the mobile laboratory.


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