What is a Solenoid Switch : Working & Its Applications

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Switch Solenoid is used in high power circuits for switching purposes by using a small electrical control signal. This switch mainly uses decision making as well as extensive logic circuits to perform on economical microchips & tiny electronic parts. It also allows high power switching apparatus to be restricted to a remote area. These switches are normally used in automobiles to start the engine systems. This article discusses an overview of what is a solenoid switch and its working.



What is a Solenoid Switch?

Definition: An electrical switch that is frequently used where a high current circuit namely a starter motor circuit is brought into action with the help of a low current switch is called a solenoid switch. This switch turns ON a durable switch to connect the battery of a vehicle to the motor’s starter. Once the ignition key is activated then a Metal Case Solenoid switch connects the drive pinion of starter. The main features of solenoid switches are high performance, reliability, and durability.


Working Principle

Solenoid switches are wire wound magnetic coils including an open core to get a cylindrical plunger with sliding. Once the coil is activated then, a magnetic field can occur within the hollow opening which drags the cylindrical plunger into it depending on the direction of the switch as well as the plunger’s poles. Here the connection of plunger can be done to a set of switch contacts by mechanically to execute the high-power switching.

On a Plastic Case Solenoid switch, there are four connector terminals are there where the coil uses two and can be most frequently isolated from all the remaining terminals. So that it keeps the coil totally independent. Generally, the terminals of the switched current are significantly heavier compared with the terminals of the coil.

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